klean-gutterKlean Gutter – The latest expanded metal gutter guard from inventor Alex Higginbotham. He holds three patents on this technology with a is fourth pending.

What separates Klean Gutter is its ability to use a fine filter, not a wide open mesh, and still pull water into the gutter. There is a tight central seam in this design used to force water to follow this path rather than continuing its forward flow from the roof straight over the system.

Klean Gutter is designed to be pitched with the roof so the product does the work to shed debris. This is a key feature of all the latest Higginbotham products. He learned from his past designs that flat systems create a ledge over your gutter which winds up trapping debris.

Klean Gutter also uses the expanded metal in its body differently than his earlier design. Water filters through faster and more effectively than in past embodiments. It also gives Klean Gutter a better way to self clean from roof oils and other debris.

Klean Gutter also has over 70% more filtering area than any other system. You get better performance when you don’t limit the filtering area. While it costs more to do, Alex Higginbotham insists product performance comes first. You’ll find no compromises here.