PREMIUM VINYL SIDING CAN MAKE YOUR HOME VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE!Premium vinyl siding provided by Gonzalez Construction will give your home a beautiful, freshly-painted look that will last for as long as you own your home. We have a full selection of popular colors; your siding won’t scratch, peel, or flake off since the color goes through the panel. Premium vinyl siding also comes in attractive, natural wood-grain patterns that makes them look like freshly painted wood.

CertainTeed offers the widest color palette in the industry with a broad line of high-quality siding products that are designed to complement your vision.


As you evaluate bids from prospective contractors, be sure to consider the total package rather than focusing on a single factor such as price. A higher estimate may include additional elements that are well worth the extra cost; homeowners who go with the lowest bid are often less satisfied with the results. Closely compare the competing credentials and references, proposed schedules, and other bid components before making a final decision.

It’s important that you consider both the cost of materials and labor when you evaluate estimates.


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